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Simone Musgrave

Maurice Boon Musgrave, grandfather of founder Simone Musgrave, left Plymouth in 1949 bound for Africa to start a new life exploring and discovering the people and land of Africa.

Three months on a ship with a small baby, a measles outbreak and many a day of seasickness and the adventure that would change the shape of his family had begun. From then onward an African family would take on the adventure Maurice had started. 

The spirit of endeavor, adventure and courage lives on in granddaughter, Simone, guardian of Maurice’s passion for the unusual.

Musgrave Gin is no ordinary spirit – it is an artisan gin celebrated for its top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise. 

Musgrave 11 embodies the sense of adventure, a sense of adventure beyond the next horizon. The Spicy notes and African Botanicals echo the taste of exploration. Images are warm and saturated, distinctively stylish. The element of nostalgia is the enabler of exploration rather than a passive reflector. The brand is not a passive brand but a stylish travel brand that activates the exploration spirit in everyone. Musgrave 11 is the enabler of the sense of adventure and exploration in each moment. Explore the moment is the key aspect of this brand. 

Explore the moment with Musgrave 11 means in essence to savour the sense of adventure in each moment. The Original Musgrave Gin is made up of a selection of 11 botanicals, each reflecting some aspect of the African Spice Route of old. The Musgrave Gin has expressive top notes of African Ginger, Cardamom and Grains of Paradise, whilst the citrus and other spices marry together a tale of flavour spanning a continent. The creation of this gin tells a story that the criss-crosses the continent and the final product represents a family heritage of trade and adventure – so much a part of Africa’s history. 

Musgrave pink embodies romantic nostalgia, a sense of indulgence that comes from experiencing that which is beautiful. The brand is reflective, yet daring. The sense of adventure inherent in the Musgrave Brand is defined by the Pink as luxury. Musgrave Pink defines the luxury of fine moments.
The luxury of time to be in the moment and the luxury of style to experience the moment. 

The experience of the moment is what drives the soft elegant images of this brand. A delight in soft colours and pink horizons. Musgrave Pink is the enabler of the indulgence in every beautiful moment. The enhancer that adds style to every experience and define style in each experience. Musgrave Pink Gin is distilled with Musgrave’s signature 11 botanicals, continuing to celebrate distinct top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise. These heights are then tamed slightly with a dash of perfume and a splash of romance. Rose hips are added during the distilling process and the expressive Cardamom and obligatory Juniper contributions are softened so as not to mask the gentle perfume of the roses. A further infusion of Rosewater adds a subtly exotic perfume and flavour to the gin.