Distinctly African

Black Honey Mix
Black Honey Mix
Musgrave Copper Packaging

Musgrave Black Honey Copper is crafted to be the “Bourbon” of Brandy.

Musgrave Copper -By Definition : Noun : “Kop-Pah”

A new genre that remixes the brandy category to play where cognac has feared to tread. Copper is luxurious, disruptive, infused and made to mix. It’s a flavour-infused brandy with subtle flavours and a distinctly African palate. Musgrave Copper is more aligned to the cognac drinker than to a traditional brandy drinker using the finest potstill brandy with added excitement of flavour-infusion.

Musgrave Copper provides a lifestyle-statement. It attracts a tribe drinkers who exist beyond the preconceptions of their gender, age or race, they seek out the new, they are daring and progressive.

Double distilled and matured in oak barrels. The oldest component in this blend is 20 years old and the youngest 5 years. The older component was re-vatted after three years to older barrels to ensure that the product mellows over time. It forms a complex base where the wood is balanced and well integrated which serves as a carrier for the sweet prune, honey, liquorice, light molasses and savoury notes to develop. It has a very soft/velvety savoury finish… melts in your mouth. Unique honey character, one of a kind.

Copper is a Pot Still brandy that behaves like a Cognac and drinks like a Whisky. A new way to engage the senses, our flavour infused Musgrave Black Honey Copper is deep caramel in colour and boasts complex bourbon-esque savoury flavours.


We use an African Winter Honey which allows a very subtle sweetness to shine. The finish lingers long and aromas are distinctly bold.