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Our journey into African botanicals has inspired a passion for tinkering with different flavour combinations. In collaboration with some of South Africa’s finest mixologists we have developed a number of signature cocktails which showcase our spirits and enhance the hero ingredients. In the spirit of adventure we encourage you to find your own perfect serve and invite you to share your own cocktail recipes on our social media pages. 

Roadhouse Gin Shake

A fun & frivolous cocktail for the discerning ginthusiast. This grown-up take on a roadhouse shake is a chilled crème-based gin fizz that sings with blackberry and rosewater flavours. Rosy, lemony, creamy and cheeky.

Rose and Hibiscus Tea Negroni

A hot aperitif that will fill the air with aromas of mulled spices, hibiscus and deep citrus.

Hey Honey

A traditional Gin Sour with a swirl of honey & nut syrup, kissed with a soft orange foam and garnished with a subtle nutmeg crunch. 

Citrus Martini

A chilled Ruby Grapefruit Martini with lemongrass and aromas of African Ginger from the Musgrave Original 11.

Drunk Pear Lassi

A frozen pear crème fizz inspired by the traditional Punjabi drink. Our Drunk Pear Lassi brings out the notes of cardamom and cloves from Musgrave Original 11. Creamy and dreamy with wintery hints of pear and spice.

Rose Gin Latte

Creamy warm Rooibos tea spiced up with Cinnamon and Orange and Musgrave Pink Gin.

Burnt Honey & Orange Don Pedro


Bringing the Don Pedro back home inspired with our Musgrave Black Honey Copper brandy and a burnt honey & orange twist.

Honey Lavender Don Pedro

Honey & lavender Don Pedro inspired using Musgrave Black Honey Copper brandy.

Mango Chai Don Pedro


A blend of Musgrave Vanilla Copper brandy, Chai tea, Cinnamon and mango.

Hazelnut Praline Don Pedro


Blends of Hazelnut, cream and our Musgrave Vanilla Copper brandy.

Musgrave Basil Smash


A vibrant blend cherry, refreshing lemon and basil combined with our award-winning Musgrave 11 gin.

Very Berry Rose


Musgrave Pink gin blended with cranberry juice, lime and creme de cassis for a fresh berry-based cocktail.

The Raj


Hints of cardamom, apple, fresh lemon and camomile tea blended with our original Musgrave 11 gin.

Passion Pink Explorer

Our Musgrave Pink gin with flavours of passion fruit and vanilla, topped with tonic.

The Explorer


A refreshing twist of pineapple, vanilla, mint & Musgrave 11 gin.

Pink Beat

Musgrave Pink gin blended with tawny port & beetroot juice.

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